Outlaws and Lawmen

Dead Women Tell No Tales


Slater's elbow gently pokes in my ribs. He thumb-points over his shoulder toward the back of the courtroom. Tom Tucker, Deputy Sheriff for Otero County, stands at the door, waving his big paw for me to join him.

Tom meets me at the foot of the stairs; saying nothing, he jerks his head toward the back door. Outside, he heads for the street across the yard between the jail and the courthouse. I trot to keep up with him.

"Tom! What's happened? Where're we going?"

He looks around to be sure no one is close enough to hear us.

"They took Persia. Sadie wants to see us right now."

"Who took Persia? She's driving the stage to Lake Valley this morning. She's not due back here until three this afternoon. How –"

"Three of Ed Brown's boys just appeared outta nowheres in the bend of the road and took her off the stage 'bout three miles north of Jarlosa Springs. . . .