Hombrecito's Search

The Vanishing Trilogy Series - Book Two

"The thrilling, provocative sequel to Hombrecito's War Hombrecito, raised to be a warrior, thinks only of revenge until his friend Rufus Pike is killed helping him avenge his father's murder."

Henry Fountain disappeared when he was eight years old. Henry, and his father Albert, were believed murdered near what is now White Sands National Monument, 1 February 1896; their bodies were never found.

Hombrecito’s War, Spur Award (Finalist) Best First Novel in 2006, assumes Henry survives Albert’s murder. In 1951, Henry now known and loved as Dr. Henry Grace, reveals to Roberta Gonzalez, his nurse and confidant, the secret he and his Apache mentor, Yellow Boy, have kept for over fifty years. It is a story of hard, bloody retribution brought on the men who murdered Henry’s father. After killing these men, Yellow Boy and Henry disappear into the Sierra Madre in northern Mexico. The year is 1902, sixteen years after Geronimo surrendered to General Miles in Skeleton Canyon, Arizona and eight years before the Mexican revolution began in 1910.

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Hombrecito’s Search is the story of Henry’s four years in Mexico with Yellow Boy and the Apaches in the Sierra Madre. During this time Henry searches for a kidnapped child, fights deadly enemies, and begins a lifetime search for a woman’s love won and lost. Telling Roberta the story of his early years, Henry discovers that the true love of his life has been in front of his eyes for the past twenty years. Hombrecito’s Search is an odyssey of self-discovery and revelation and of life known by those who came of age in a hard, unforgiving land, where to make a mistake is to die, and the promise of tomorrow is what you make it. It is the kind of myth lived by many, but few survive living on the last western frontier, a frontier that lasted into the third decade of the twentieth century.
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Book Details

Book Details

Series: The Vanishing Trilogy (Book 2)
Paperback: 578 Pages
Publisher: Treble Heart Books (2012)
Language: English
ISBN 10: 1-938370-12-0
ISBN 13: 978-1-938370-12-0
LCCN: 2012946043
Product Dimensions: 5.5×1.5×8.2
Shipping Weight: 1.6 Pounds

Hombrecito’s Search continues the story (begun in Hombrecito’s War, 2006 Best First Novel Spur Finalist) of young Henry Grace, known as Hombrecito, after he has waged war on the men who murdered his father. Taken in and treated as a son by the Apache Yellow Boy, Henry and the Apaches stumble upon a killing and kidnapping by renegades. Hombrecito manages to save a young woman, who begs their help in going after her brother. So begins a riveting tale filled with action, sorrow, and passion. Hombrecito, although only fourteen, becomes a man with almost overwhelming burdens as he copes with torture, wildcats, and the cruelest villains you never want to meet.

This is a first-rate story with a strong sense of place, historical aspect, and excellent, realistic dialogue. It kept me turning the pages to see what happened next, but I also did a lot of skipping. The author chose to tell his story as a back-flash, and the older Hombrecito and his present day love interest did not capture my imagination. Those are the parts that drew this reader out of the story. Even so, if you get past that, it’s a darned good read.”

~ Roundup Magazine. Feb. 2008

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