The Atmospheric Filter

Volume 2 - Effects

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"What you can see is not necessarily the same as what you measure."

The atmosphere acts like an optical filter that affects visual, infrared, and millimeter wave propagation. The atmospheric filter decreases image contrast and resolution, and reduces laser, high frequency radar, and non-imaging/radiometer system range and sensitivity. The effects of atmospheric filter sources depend on spectral band and the kind of sensor used to acquire data. They impact sensor design, data acquisition, interpretation, and meteorological measurements’ supporting remote imaging of the earth’s surface or optically probing the atmosphere. Scientists, engineers, meteorologists, technicians and students will find this book a wealth of useful information. Volume II describes the effects and measurement of atmospheric filter sources resulting from meteorological conditions. Meteorological conditions determine the dynamics and spatial variability of atmospheric filter sources. These conditions are characterized by solar position, cloud cover, visual range, spectral transmittance, wind, natural radiation, and atmospheric stability. Natural radiation affects visual and infrared system performance differently. 

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Passive remote sensor models include visual band imaging systems, the human eye, and thermal band imaging systems. The human observer’s perception is quite different than other remote sensor outputs. What you can see is not necessarily the same as what you measure. Both active and passive systems are explained in detail. Models for transmissometers and LIDAR systems are presented. Volume I introduces the atmospheric filter concept. It provides descriptions of atmospheric filter sources such as gases, aerosols, dusts, precipitation, fogs, and refractive turbulence and their measurement.

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Book Details

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